building sustainable companies

»It’s obvious that unsatiable mass consumption has no future. But people have a deep need to create new things. Entire cultures are built on this foundation.«

Bethan Laura Wood


Equcon hybridizes investment and consulting. Innovations and processes are made by people. We advise, support and build on people who are passionate about change.

The balance between equity and consulting is our principle. We promote transparent processes with courageous people and work with companies from a wide variety of disciplines. To this end, we move across contrasting contexts and help our partners to find effective solutions, no matter what the conditions are.


A company’s role in society

For any business, priority lies in being profitable and maximising its earnings, but it is not enough to see this as the sole purpose of that business.

The environment in view
Society’s goals
Solutions to social issues
Social responsibility
Our values

Environmental protection

Every company must make its contribution to halting climate change and managing the available resources sustainably.

Ecological challenges
Sustainable business
Responsible cooperation
Measurable contribution

Investments in employees

Interests of employees are just as important as those of customers.

Unique employees
Training as an essential component
Developing skills

Fairness and ethics in our code of conduct

Suppliers and other service providers are partners of the companies. Companies will only be successful in the long term if their partners in the supply chain benefit continuously from collaborating.

Solid network
Professional standards
Fairness and ethics


Employees want to and need to understand the why and how of corporate decision-making

Transparent corporate management
Understanding togetherness
Clear guidelines

Sustainable action

We are reluctant to thinking short-term. Our interests lie in long-term relationships with continuously successful companies.

Long-term sustainability
Investment strategies
Continuous growth
What we do

What we do

Business development

Well structured development
Growth opportunities
Sustainable expansion

Sustainable growth

Controlled growth
Sustainable business goals
Entrepreneurial success

Company Succession

Continuity of established companies
Selection of suitable partners
Interim management


Support, financially and operationally
Rapid change
Sustainable expansion

Digital transformation

Technical performance
Identifying opportunities
Targeted use of technologies

Innovation Management

Creative ideas and innovations
Sources of innovation
Sustainable innovation management

Who we are

»The best companies don’t just look to their shareholders, they connect the concerns of employees with those of customers and they care about the communities in which they operate.«

Larry Fink, Founder Blackrock


Sustainable companies

Sustainable companies

Walter Confiserie has been an authority in Berlin since 1915.

Craft business with a regional focus
Succession of corporate management
Digital production control & resource management
Tradition and transformation

Since its successful appearance in the start-up TV show “Höhle der Löwen” (Germany’s “Dragon’s Den”), Spooning Cookie Dough has claimed a firm position in the still new market for raw cookie dough products.

Cookie dough pioneers in Europe
Original products fill a gap in the market
Modern start-up

As part of the rapidly growing market for web-based maps, Mappa Software is in touch and behind the scenes of visualized geoinformation and data-driven decision-making.

National and international cooperation
Software as a Service
Sustainable sales concept

shoedoc repairs, personalises and maintains shoes and realises its services 100% digitally via its online shop. The company thus follows the global trend for web-based services as one of the first online shoe repair services in Germany.

Digitization of the craft
Modern product and innovation management


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